In service to the throne

Scavenger Hunt

An abandoned Manufactorium?  Far too many bugs.

Jax reveals where we will be staying... and the price


Jax informed us that we would need to move the ship as our fees only covered a couple of weeks.

He'd bartered permission to stay at a Mechanicus dock in return for us to look into the reasons behind dissappearing scravver groups in that area.

We are too pass ourselves off as a scravver group working for Jax.

New outfits are required to blend into the role.

A Brawl in the tent

We face a large, disgusting insect, slaying it and get mocked by it's filthy xenos master… who runs away like a coward.


The dawn of a new age: Skype

Where the players desperately try to remember what in the Empire was going on!


We walked further into the fair, following the directions given by the Adepta Sororita.  The Dance Macabre has its setup in a large blue/black tent.  To get there we passed stalls & entertainments of a more… thrilling nature: Animal fighting arenas, dabblers in soothsaying.  The punters were exhibiting unusual levels of excitement, it seemed induced by the food and drink they were buying.

In the Dance Macabre's tent we paid our fare to the 'mutant' servitor and found ourselves in the 'hall of predators' a bunch of savage xenos beasts on display of mostly modest size.  Mordicai's weakness/headache got stronger and Genevieve offered to help by blocking him from the Empyrean… He fainted & the nearest predator, a sort of bug, tried to flee out the far side of it's tank…

Mordicai got better with separation from Genevieve & after examining the bug Starr demanded Genevieve try to kill it… which her proximity achieved.  After making sure that any others were likely dead we moved on to the next part of the hall.  Where the voice of a sadist harangued at & threatened us before unleashing some insectoid monstrousity.

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